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Red and Green x Nate Abahazi

Jul 1, 2020


The color of tears,

Shed from grief,

Mixing with blood,

Laced with lead,

Our children will not learn,

“Duck and cover”,

Our kin will learn,

How to hide behind desks and textbooks,

That Is more than frightening,

Our children will live in fear,

Not just our children,

What about us,

Since we were young,

A price to be weighed,

At the checkout of congress,

Is it enough to cause change,

Consequences are not inevitable,

They are foreseeable and preventable,


Actions speak louder than words,

And right now,

Both are so loud,

And yet some politicians on Capitol Hill

Have chosen to put earplugs in,

To block out those screams,

To block out gunshots,

Or even pretend that they are merely fireworks,

Did you know,

The reason school buses stop,

At train tracks,

Is because trains kept hitting the buses,

And kids were getting hurt and dying,

It was made into a bill, then came to be passed as a law,

It passed,

With bi-partisan approval,

In a mismatched House and Senate,

It passed at lightning speed,

When congress was at a standstill,

It happened that way,

Because kids were getting hurt and dying,

They passed a law for us,

Now they will barely even pass a regulation for us,

Sides didn’t matter then, why do they matter now?

All because of Green,

Like the leaves on trees,

That still sway in the breeze,


The color of greed,


The color,

Is what the NRA is using to keep the politicians at bay,

Green and red the color of battlefields,

Who knew,

That green,

The color of the grass beneath our feet,

That red,

The color of the sunrises and sunsets,

The Colors of so many beautiful things,

Could possibly be the products;

Could possibly cause;

This much pain.




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