QYou Ambassadors


QYou Ambassadors: Youth who have completed the #PowerUpPowerOut series become eligible to be QYou Ambassadors. The QYou Ambassadors program is an opportunity to create social, cultural, and policy change for the LGBT+ community through direct volunteership with the Center’s work.


  • QYou Ambassadors (QYA) are graduates of the #PowerUpPowerOut series who have committed to the mission of leading, advocating, and creating action for LGBTQ+ youth throughout Northeast Ohio. Their responsibilities include:
    • Assisting with Drop-IN youth and promoting a welcoming environment
    • Volunteering with the #PowerUpPowerOut modules
    • Attending community outreach events and connecting with local GSAs
    • Running committees for special youth events like the QYA Retreat and Queer Prom
    • Supporting the development of new QYou programs like QGen or QZine
  • QYA participants have weekly meetings with program staff where they brainstorm and plan out their community involvement. Currently, these meetings are held Thursdays at 5 PM. For more information, please contact a QYou Coordinator
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