QGen is an intergenerational arts & culture program between QYou and SAGE Cleveland (a Center program for LGBTQ+ elders aged 50+). The group meets routinely for a variety of exciting media based events! Recently we have conducted sessions on notable LGBT+ music, and queer representation in film.

The QGen program provides a space for age diverse LGBT+ people to come together to talk about the popular media they love. Informal discussions are hosted around a quarterly theme. Past themes have included LGBT+ music and queer representation in film. Please stay tuned for sign-up oppurtunities.

Additional QGen Programming:

The Intergenerational Podcast

  • LGBTQ+ history is often glossed over by mainstream media. The voices of our community are pushed into obscurity, and forgotten leaving future queer people unsure about their heritage. Through the Intergenerational Podcast, the Center works to break this silence by pairing a young person with an elder to discuss their favorite memories, achievements, and struggles as LGBT+ people.

The Pen Pal Program

    • Storytelling, personal narrative, and truth-telling has been an oral tradition of the LGBTQ+ community throughout history. During these times of isolation and loss, human connection for our youth and elders is more important than ever. As such, the QGen team has partnered QYou & SAGE members together as pen pals. If you are interested in being a pen pal to a SAGE member, please stay tuned for future updates
    • To learn more about this program please contact the QYou coordinators.



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