2023 Youth Public Opinion Leaders


The main goal and expectation of the popular opinion leader (POL) is to increase awareness and knowledge of HIV/STIs, prevention methods including PrEP, and connection to resources and supports in the community with a specific focus on Trans and Gender Diverse people. As the overall goal of the popular opinion leader is to engage within the community, the individual must have ties and/or be a member of the community. The POL must also be fully aware of their HIV status. By being aware and open about their status, the POL will be an advocate for being on PrEP for folx that are HIV negative and referring to care and resources if folx are HIV positive, while also reducing stigma.

POLs will receive training on peer-to-peer education strategies for conducting HIV/STI education, prevention, treatment, connection to care and supports. A key component of this training will focus on PrEP - what PrEPis, how it works, who is recommended to take it, and how to access and pay for PrEP. All POLs are expected to complete the required training which will be conducted over a 4-month span beginning in February 2023. Upon successful completion of all required training, POLs will begin community engagement and outreach activities. Each POL will be assigned a geographic area of focus based on priority zip codes identified by the county’s Ending the HIV Epidemic Plan. Through their unique influence, community ties and as role models, POLs can play a critical role in improving health outcomes for a historically underserved community.

Each POL will also be given promotional materials to distribute to raise awareness about HIV/STI prevention, PrEP and community supports/resources. POLs are expected to keep a log of promotional material distribution and outreach activities utilizing the forms provided. Forms must be submitted to the program coordinator by the end of the 1st week of every month for the previous month, i.e., forms for month of May must be submitted by the end of the 1st week of June.


  • Distribute at least 500 promotional materials a month
    • Distribution of materials will be tracked and recorded in the Promotional Materials Log submitted monthly
  • Each POL is expected to support community members through education, outreach and linkage to care/resources including:
    • Minimum of 50 monthly referrals to HIV testing and prevention services/clinic
    • Visit a minimum of 20 outreach locations per month
    • Minimum of 50 conversations with fifty different individuals about PrEp and getting tested per month

NOTE: Community outreach and referrals must be tracked and recorded in the Outreach Log and submitted monthly

  • POLs must submit a weekly report to the program coordinator providing an update on outreach progress including any issues/challenges and if they need additional promo materials for distribution
    • Let the program coordinator know of new needed outreach materials at least 1 week prior to pickup
  • POLs are expected to meet with the program coordinator once per month to review progress
  • Complete all required paperwork as needed and submit to the program coordinator by the assigned due date

* Please note that this is a contract position and will require that monthly invoices and a W-9 form be submitted. *

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