About The Series

The Terrace Concert Series at the LGBT Community Center of Greater Cleveland was developed as an extension of the LGBTQ+ Artist Spotlight Series to celebrate local LGBTQ+ artists, offer them a unique space to share their craft, and create yet another way in which the Center connects individuals to the amazingly diverse and talented arts community of Northeast Ohio. These ticketed events are live and in person here at the Center!

Upcoming Shows

10.23 Web Terrace
OCTOBER 28. 2023


An eclectic performer, combining elements of jazz, soul and rock for a full bodied vocal/stage performance. They’ll give you high notes, low notes, face and attitude, and when the time calls for it kicks, splits, dips and more! More club kid than standard beauty queen, they reference art styles from our Far East friends and embody the character of a Djinn. They are a singer-songwriter/drag artist from Cleveland making their way across the country taking over cities and stages and giving audiences something they can feel. 

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