About The Series

The Terrace Concert Series at the LGBT Community Center of Greater Cleveland was developed as an extension of the LGBTQ+ Artist Spotlight Series to celebrate local LGBTQ+ artists, offer them a unique space to share their craft, and create yet another way in which the Center connects individuals to the amazingly diverse and talented arts community of Northeast Ohio. These ticketed events are live and in person here at the Center!

Upcoming Shows

MARCH 25, 2023


New Genesis made a splash in 2021 with their horrorcore themed Welcome to the Asylum EP. In 2022, they returned with a new sound in an entirely different direction. Reflecting on the hardships of the pandemic lockdown, New Genesis has honed in on the lockdown’s resulting effect on mental health, relationships, and self-reinvention. These themes culminate into a lyrical still-life portrait within their in-the-works project, The Bubble EP. 

JUNE 7, 2023


Award-winning Philadelphia native Christine Havrilla brings her “well-built, catchy, smart tunes” (Upstage Magazine) to audiences everywhere, touring solo and also with the support of her band, Gypsy Fuzz. The start of 2023 brings the release of a new single called, “California Night”, which is a blend of 90s guitar and late 60s harmonies wrapped up in this catchy rocker about sharing the California Coast & it’s memories.

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