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Benefits of Training

Employers have a responsibility to protect the rights of workers. LGBT people who face discrimination in the workplace have difficulty concentrating and may end up leaving their jobs. Sensitivity training benefits both businesses and their employees, fostering stronger relationships within the workplace.

There is a True Need:

  • Research has repeatedly demonstrated a positive relationship between LGBT-supportive workplaces and employee health, commitment, job satisfaction, and productivity.
  • LGBT-inclusive policies demonstrate a commitment to employees and are likely to attract socially conscious consumers.

Available Trainings

SafeZone Training

The SafeZone Program is a visible network of individuals who are committed to creating a community of respect and dignity for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer consumers, clients, students, staff, faculty, and others. SafeZone makes it possible to easily identify individuals who are dedicated to an environment in which all people are free to thrive academically, professionally and personally.

In-House SafeZone Training --- May 9, 2020 from 10 AM - 2 PM

Held here at The Center and priced per person, in-house SafeZone training sessions are a great alternative for individuals or small groups. Sign up for our next session at the link below!

LGBT 101: Cultural Competency Training

Cultural competency, as defined by the National Center for Cultural Competence, “is having the capacity to value diversity, conduct self-assessment, manage the dynamics of difference, acquire and institutionalize cultural knowledge, and adapt to diversity and the cultural contexts of communities they serve.” 

LGBT Cleveland History Talking Tour

The talking tour is a guided tour of LGBT history in the City of Cleveland. Learn about the Human Rights movement and how it shaped the local landscape of the LGBT community. See the LGBT Historic Marker, tour the LGBT Community Center and witness our future unfold as we move “Up and Out” with the building of our new 12,000 sq. ft. facility.

Customized Training

Looking for a LGBT Sensitivity training on a specific topic or one that speaks more directly to the needs of your organization? Let us know what you are looking for and we can customize a training specifically for you. Get a unique training that reflects the uniqueness of your organization!

What to Expect

By attending a training, participants are presented with information that provides a fundamental understanding of the Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender community. Part of this understanding is also raising awareness of the issues that affect those that identify as part of the larger LGBT community. This awareness should translate into increasing sensitivity and efficacy in working with a vulnerable population. Upon completion, the individual will be well-equipped to be a support to a member of the LGBTQ community. The aim of the program is to accomplish the following objectives;

Increase Knowledge
Professionals will gain valuable information on the LGBTQ community, including; who the members of this population are; how this population is affected by various systems; appropriate terms and general cultural competency; and an understanding of the various problems they face and the strengths they use to face them.

Raise Awareness
In order to effectively implement change, participants should self-reflect on their own pre-existing knowledge, experiences, and biases. This primarily should center on the pertinent risk factors of working with a vulnerable population and how that may guide their own actions, as well as how they view the individuals they interact with.

Personal Reflection
Participation will not only encourage insight into personal experiences with the LGBT community, but also an exploration into potential pre-existing stereotypes and assumptions. By gaining a deeper awareness of personal ideas and biases related to LGBTQ community members, the individual can work to eliminate or compartmentalize these thought patterns and provide more quality services to their consumers.

Building Ally Skills
Each individual will leave with a general understanding and skills to turn their work environment into a place that is safe and inclusive for the population at large. Additionally, professionals stand to gain an increased comfort level in addressing concepts and language regarding LGBTQ communities as well as the services and organizations that support them. Attendance will ensure that the participant is more capable to not only provide direct service to members of the LGBT community, but to act as an ally in their work environments and the communities that they exist in.

Cost for Trainings

Trainings start at $360

Non-profit pricing is also available.

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