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LGBT Center Featured Partners:

“House” x Dominic Ganser

The house was never big enough to contain me. The cracks in the walls, the chipped paint, the broken glass around it’s sides from a history of decay and destruction- it all threatened to fall in on itself with each passing day. It held my earliest childhood memories, and became the setting of all my …

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Untitled x Mia Green

Look (girl) I told once you in ain’t no getting out The only way you getting out is if you hit that ground and when say hit that ground I mean hit that ground,like 6 feet under no doubt so while you think it’s cute throwing up them gang signs and yell those suwoo just …

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Red and Green x Nate Abahazi

Red, The color of tears, Shed from grief, Mixing with blood, Laced with lead, Our children will not learn, “Duck and cover”, Our kin will learn, How to hide behind desks and textbooks, That Is more than frightening, Our children will live in fear, Not just our children, What about us, Since we were young, …

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The Seagulls x Raz Bobgan

Dr. Benjamin Campbell looked up from the podium to see the bright young faces of  children. When the ship finally landed on a planet after its decades long trip, he had begun to  present at the Ivy League. As time went on however, the prestigious universities had changed  their focus to other things, leaving his …

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The Birds are Bisexual x Halle Preneta

The Birds are Bisexual by Halle Preneta The birds are bisexual Moving from one place to another They may stay in the north longer than the south But they always return south for the winter They didn’t choose this lifestyle But it is one they would never change



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Cleveland, Ohio 44102


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