Month: October 2017

In Response to Hate Speech at Cleveland State University

10/17/2017   Phyllis Harris, Executive Director On Wednesday, October 11th, we celebrated National Coming Out Day. This was a special celebration this year for students at Cleveland State University because it also celebrated the establishment of a drop-in space for LGBTQ people on campus. The celebration was short-lived as only days later CSU students, faculty, …

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You’re Gay? You’re Fired.

Eric Hayes, Communications and Development Coordinator The US Department of Justice has been on a roll recently. If you’ve been reading our blog or watching the news lately, you’ll know that we’ve seen policies ending safety guidelines for trans youth in schools, arguments that businesses can discriminate against the LGBTQ community, and the quiet withdrawal …

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Department of Justice Issues Guidance on “Protecting Religious Freedom”

Today, the US Department of Justice issued guidance for all government agencies regarding the protection of religious liberty. This was framed as a neutral statement describing existing law. Do not be fooled. Religious freedom is important and is a basic tenet of American civil rights. That is why it is protected in the First Amendment to the US …

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